Interior Visual Design

Berries Super Market

My Role
Brand Designer
Aug-Sep 2019

Berries is more.

Berries Market provides its customers with bountiful fresh, flavourful, and healthy foods that are locally and globally sourced year-round. The idea of Berries Market is akin to berries themselves. Berry bushes produce very generous amounts of fruit that always appear to give more, exceeding expectations. Berries further come in vibrant colours, shapes, and sizes, and are known to be flavourful and healthy. They are grown and cultivated across all five continents around the world, making them freshly available in any season.

Fresh Interior / Exterior

During the time I was contacted by Berries Super Market, they informed me that they needed a fresh new feel for their interior & exterior along with new signage to go great with their newly renovated market.

Bright colours was one of the most important requirements for this project!
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