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Fanshawe Unbound Logo Design

My Role
Brand Designer
Jan 2020

Fanshawe Unbound Fashion Logo Rebrand

During the time of Fanshawe having this logo, the past logo felt dated and didn’t generally arrive at the intended interest group or target audience. The swoosh all through the type-face has no connection to the Unbound design and is only sort of there with no explanation as to why. Good design should feel strong and speaks for itself.

Fresh New Feel

'Creativity is to think more efficiently'

The reason I chose Gotham to represent Unbound’s new logo is to maintain Fanshawe’s branding and keep things consistent thought the school and program. The thinking behind the conjoined letters came from the idea of Fanshawe’s welcoming fashion design program. The Unbound fashion show is much more than just an event for the students, it is a way of introducing students into the fashion community which is what the show is all about.

Presentation is a significant structure in style and having a solid symbol speaking to a brand keeps things more expert and clean. The new Unbound Logo fits that topic and can be utilized in any capacity.

Concepts & Early Iterations - Download Link

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